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Hi, I'm Sheba Dobson Amankwatia Known as Sheba Dobson. I founded QUEENdom Creates; as a young person who struggled with understanding my multifaceted identity, being born and raised in Australia by Ghanaian parents, not fitting in a whole lot of places at all. I wasn't Australian enough for the Aussie kids, I wasn't Ghanaian enough in Ghanaian circles, I wasn't girly enough, tomboyish enough, athletic enough. So I went on a quest of self development and self-awareness, whileI learned all aspects of myself I gained the knowledge that you can be all parts of yourself, nationality, heritage, present your feminine energy and masculine energy with one aspect of self not ruling out the other. Sometimes in trying to find our tribe and community we need to realise we will always be an individual in the groups we align ourselves with so I created QUEENdom Creates as a way of owning your individuality. We are an African Australian Fashion and Accessories brand that recognises we are a community that have amazing individuals within it hence us doing designs that resonates with the community but also can be customised to put your own name and spin on things. Our Mission is to encourage people to adorn themselves royally and step into becoming the creator and ruler of your own destiny, Creating means birthing something hence the name QUEENdom Creates (Queen or womb energy is responsible for birthing + crating)but we also cater to kings and  talk about masculine/king energy as well because dominating/ruling what you create is also important. So Queen or King if you are ready to become a creator and ruler of your own destiny adorn yourself with QUEENdom Creates items and go out and do the thing! Be sure to tag us #QUEENdomCreates #RoyallyAdorned


xx Queen Sheba


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