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- Cookie days 30 days

Commission type Percent of Sale- $$ EARN MONEY!

- We post your photo or video on our feed and stories. Your post on our page could be SPONSORED therefore boosted for ads being shown to thousands of people.

- You will be featured on our blog *insert =your name* Edit' which you can freely promote all your social medias, any initiatives &/or businesses etc. You can also use the blog post written about/ currated about you in your media packs when applying for other brands.

Additional terms If you have over 1500 followers we gift FREE items and FREE shippping (You will be required to product a picture or video of your products and send it to us as well as post on your stories and/or feed. Under 1500 followers you will need to pay for shipping of your FREE gifted items *unless you have great engagement that caters to the clothing/jewellery niche.


Our affiliate program is exclusive- We are looking for quality over quanity, if you do not have a large following but have a great aesthetic and good engagement we are willing to work with you. There is no limit on COMMISSION you can earn!!! as long as your affiliate link is used to purchased items within 30 days of it being issued. Your discount code will last indefinitely after your affiliate link expires so feel free to share/leave discount code in your bio for your followers, we will continue to promote your page and tag the photos you provide even after the 30 cookie days have expired.

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