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Lu's Royal Edit

Hey Royal family (Queens & Kings),

I hope this blog finds you safe, well and in good spirits. Today's blog we would like to share a collaboration we did with Sydney local Lu. Get to know Lu in our Q&A below and check out the pictures she took in her QUEENdom Creates outfits- keep an eye out for more photos to come on our socials Instagram & Facebook.

What's your name?

- Luisa Bicalho (known as Lu)

How old are you?

- 27yo

What's your star sign?

- Taurus ♉️

Profession and or creative outlets?

- Public Relations by degree, Yoga Instructor & Holistic Therapist by heart, Aerial Hoop artist by passion.

How would you describe your fashion and style?

- Moving countries to a completely different culture had quite an impact on my fashion and style, for some time I felt a bit lost and with a lack of identity. I love combining boots or all stars with more elegant fabrics as I feel it breaks the "seriousness" of the outfit and it looks casual chic, just the way I love. I've also recently started wearing and embracing my natural hair which has been fun. I'm now on a phase where I want to bring a more African, Brazilian (which's where I was born) style to my wardrobe, adding more colours and patterns to externalise who I am on the inside.

What does creating your own QUEENdom mean to you?

- To me creating my own QUEENdom means fully being who I am and embracing my roots, my cultural mix, getting up everyday feeling empowered with my curls, my skin, my history, my body, my background without the need to be understood and accepted by people surrounding me, because I'm the only one who needs to accept myself.

What items have you chosen to style and add to your collection? Why?

- I've chosen the Queen Chioma Dress brighten my collection, it was love at the first sight. Everything about it is just so well designed and special, the colours, patterns, the well structured shape. I've also chosen the Princess Dianna Square Hoops, they're so elegant and my dad has always been a huge fan of Princess Dianna so I couldn't not choose them.

What is the one thing you would like to import in this world with your existence?

- I would like to contribute for a better world for women of colour. Especially the ones living in "white countries" as migrants like me. I'd like the generations after me to not feel like they don't fit and at any point experience being looked down or treated differently. Because you know what? We are QUEENS!.

What are your social handles?



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Lu wearing our African Print scrunchie-

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Love & Light,

QUEENdom Creates

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